"Rebirthing is - Transformation through the use of Conscious Breathing"

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Rebirthing Breathwork is a body-centered therapy that uses a gentle yet powerful breathing technique , to help activate and release stored stress, pain, and emotional trauma of all degrees.  The results are often profound as this process works directly at the core of these issues whether conscious or unconscious.  The process also includes identifying limiting beliefs that are formed before, during, and after birth. Rebirthing effectively reverses such beliefs bringing about changes that may have been previously difficult to achieve. It creates space in your life for joy, love, health, prosperity and functional relationships. Rebirthing, developed 37 years ago by Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray , is now recognized as a powerful, efficient healing method.


Rebirthing works predominately through a simple breathing process called "conscious connected breathing" or the "circular breath". This technique, through the breath, brings in more life force energy than one is normally used to having in their body. This extra life force energy may appear in the body as heat, pressure, cold, tingle, "electrical currents", vibration and other body sensations. Specific areas of the body may become activated as this force flows through, bringing to awareness all the areas in the body/mind that are blocked. Emotions and memories may now safely surface about these blocks for the purpose of release. There may be areas of our lives that are currently not working due to these long ago blocked areas. Once released, our lives "majically" seem to change. People frequently report significant changes on long standing issues.


* Making long awaited changes.
* Psychosomatic ailments.
* Relationship and sexual issues.
* Feeling stuck, shutdown, blocked.
* Emotional release work.
* Recurrent negative patterns.
* Traumatic births.
* Accelerated growth.

FAQ's - (frequently asked questions)

Why is it called Rebirthing?

The name applies because frequently the source of our deepest blocks stem from the trauma we experienced at our birth.  Most of us had a far from ideal birth experience. These experiences imprint our sub-conscious and leave us with an negative impression of life that carries over to today. The Rebirthing process is designed to release this birth trauma. Clients frequently also have recall of their birth and know exactly what happened and are able to release the emotions around this experience.

Why do I need a Rebirther?

A trained Rebirther is a guide and a breath coach to support you in the process of self discovery and healing. Often we may find it easier to avoid the deeper issues. The Rebirther helps you in realizing the connection between who you are today and your past and how to go about releasing it. Rebirthers are able to get you to the point where you can rebirth yourself.

How do I find a Rebirther?

The best place to start is to go to the links page on this site. Many of the mentioned Rebirthing sites there have international Rebirthers directories. Check them out for someone near you. Interview the Rebirther on the phone and share your concerns honestly. Only choose someone you feel comfortable with, since this is the most important criteria of all.

Where can I find more information about Rebirthing?

The best place again is to visit the links page.  The other Rebirthing sites also have excellent articles on this. Another wonderful source is my recommended books page where you can get great books on the subject at a 30% discount delivered to your door. These books are used to train Rebirthers all over the world. They should give you all the information you need. Of course having a session is the best way to learn about Rebirthing from the inside out!

What is a session like?

In the first session you will be asked questions concerning your birth (if you know), your childhood and your goals for wanting to come to Rebirthing.  Questions concerning your areas of concern will also be addressed. You will be taught "conscious connected breathing".  The actual breathing portion of the session will take one hour. Afterward you will  have time to share your insight from the  experience and receive insight from your Rebirther. Total typical session lasts two hours. Time will be allowed  for you to complete your process and be integrated before you leave. Session are recommended on a weekly basis.

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