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For thousands of years spiritual seekers, mystics and yogis have realized the innate Spiritual quality of the breath. If we stop breathing for just a few minutes we are dead. Life force is therefore contained in the breath that we breathe.  Yogis for ages have used the powers of breath to transform consciousness; that indeed an alchemical reaction takes place with the use of these breathing techniques. Altered states of awareness and profound healing were possible with just using the breath. Today we are privileged to have teachers to instruct us on the proper use of the breath for these purposes.

Tony Robbins a major American success motivational speaker, who has gone from "rags to riches", has done research on things that would give one lots of energy to do all you needed to do to go from "rags to riches". Of anything, from coffee to ginseng to artificial stimulants to working out, he found that just 15 minutes of deep breathing would give one all the energy one needs for the day. Amazing!
And it's all for free.


Proper breathing has profound effects on our health. Over 70% of waste by-products are eliminated  through our breathing and our skin. When our blood is heavily oxygenated it becomes
very difficult for virus' and bacteria to grow in our body. Good breathing supports muscle growth and energy to get things done. Very often our "breathing mechanism" is in need of healing as a result
of the breathing trauma we sustained at birth. The umbilical cord was probably cut too soon for many of us. Our first breath was filled with fluid, painful, scary and the result of being hit! When ever we undergo difficult moments in life now we tend to hold our breath. This then shuts down the musculature of the whole "mechanism" , creating body armor, thus locking in place the tension of the difficult moment. Moments begin to pile up like this and soon we are only using 20% of our capacity to breath, thus having only 20% of our energy capacity. Breathwork Therapy can change all this.

Breathwork Therapy

This modality uses a combination of techniques developed by Gene Dillman over the last 20 years from his years of experience with Rebirthing, Gestalt Therapy, Somato Respiratory Integration and Yoga. These techniques allow one to release both the physical trauma and  emotional trauma from the "breathing mechanism". Once cleared, we are freed on a new level that opens us to lots of love, joy and energy. Below are a few of the many techniques that are used along with others.

Techniques - only require 15 minutes a day - Three are shared here.

Three Part Breath - the easiest and the most profound, can be done anywhere at anytime.
                                        (this is the one suggested by Tony Robbins)
1) Comfortable seated or standing, take a deep breath into the abdomen, through the nose, so that it expands out like a balloon.
2) Next continue the inhale to now expand the ribcage with air.
3) Next continue the inhale further to now expand the chest all the way to the upper chest, like a balloon.
Then reverse the procedure by exhaling out first from the chest, then the ribcage, then the abdomen.
Pulling in on the abdominal muscles at the end of the exhale, getting out all the air. Then reverse the process by breathing in again. Imagine that your torso is a glass and that the glass fills up from the bottom to the top and then empties from the top down to the bottom. Do this for up to 15 minutes.

Bellows Breath - great for charging up with energy or to release stress.

1) Best if seated and not driving. Spine straight.
2) Imagine that you are blowing a piece of dust out of your nose by sharply pulling in on the abdomen and at the same time blowing air out the nose.
3) Relax and a natural inhale will occur to fill the lungs again.
4) Again, sharply blow air out the nose by pulling in on the abdomen. Continue with the cycle so that  your abdomen is functioning like a bellows, blowing air out.
5) Do this for 22 cycles and then stop and take a big breath and rest. Do three rounds of 22.

Conscious Connected Breath - used by Rebirthers in sessions. It has profound healing and transformational qualities when done properly with a Rebirther. Can safely be done on own for short times to relax and release stress.

1) Only to be done lying down and for just 15 minutes. Further use of this breath requires the guidance of a trained Rebirther.
2) Begin with a full inhale into the chest through the mouth.
3) Without pausing or holding, immediately allow the exhale to gush out of the mouth without pushing it or holding it back. A simple relaxed exhale.
4) Then without pause begin the inhale again, pulling air up into the chest.
5) Continue with a relaxed exhale as soon as the inhale stops.
This is also called the circular connected breath. Meaning that it has no pausing in it at all, but is one continuous loop. Try it and if it interests you, you can locate a local Rebirther at anyone of our connecting sites on the links page.

Weight Loss breathing technique article in major magazine. See how to do it!

 "Blessed are they who are intimate with their Breath, for they shall receive the 'I Can' of the Universe." -The Beatitudes (as translated directly from the Bible in Aramaic)


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